EVERMIND is a mindfulness-based coaching practice that trains individuals, teams and businesses to harness the space between stimulus and response in order to take wise action, aligned to their values and in the best interests of those around them.


EVERMIND is dedicated to fostering in everyone a deep, abiding faith in their capacity to meet all of life’s challenges with open-hearted courage, curiosity and joy.

We believe that human flourishing occurs in learning environments where trust, curiosity, creativity, emotional intelligence and a deep connection to story are valued.

Conversely, EVERMIND rejects fear-based motivations. Guilt, shame, resentment, greed and anger are hindrances to freedom, growth and personal excellence.


  1. Improved Performance: A famous 2010 Harvard study found that mind-wandering accounts for 47% of our time. Calm, stable attention is key to peak performance and flow.
  2. Greater Resilience: The capacity to see demands as challenges, and set-backs as learning opportunities are skills that support suppleness, energy and enthusiasm for work and life.
  3. Quality Leadership: At home and work, mindful leaders are focused, perceptive and compassionate; they encourage trust, grow confidence and bring out the best in everyone.