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EVERMIND combines mindfulness training with a classic goal-setting model and Lisa’s life-long experience in renewal to create a unique coaching experience based on an individual’s intentions, values and preferred actions. The coaching process involves replacing unhelpful attitudes and beliefs with a more useful personal philosophy related to:


I found myself at a low point in my life, my business was stalling and I had recently been through a relationship collapse. But within a few short weeks of working with Lisa I had made a complete transformation … What I find most exciting about sitting down with Lisa is discovering the day-to-day rules we create for ourselves, the way they impact our thought processes and how we can reframe those rules to form different viewpoints for a happier outcome.

Andrew PageDirectorHispec Constructions

I conquered my fear of public speaking, signed up and continue to be a member of Toastmasters. I found out what my hidden beliefs were and reframed them into positive beliefs that are more helpful for me. I got up in front of 80 – 100 people and sang at Karaoke when I am a terrible singer and I was surprised at how powerful I felt after I had done this! I have done extraordinary things that I would not have done if it was not for Lisa. I continue to grow as a person and have an attitude of continual growth now.

Damian MillerTraderBell Direct

Working with Lisa helped focus me on what I really wanted to achieve, breakdown complex ‘difficult scenarios’ (managing work politics, managing organisational change, managing people) and develop practical solutions and ultimately improve my performance. While working with Lisa my performance and reputation at work went from good to great to exceptional. I’d just stepped up to take on increased workload and responsibility, but somehow my performance improved all at the same time. I really feel like working with Lisa set me up for success.

One-On-One Sample 2Manager, Customer TargetingQantas

Lisa is an exceptional listener. Listening not only to what you say but how you say it and keenly observing your body language while saying it! This personalised and caring approach by Lisa achieves an insight into your own unique obstacles that may be preventing you from resolving issues of concern…I highly recommend Lisa’s supportive programs. Whether it’s work or personal goals, Lisa helps you effectively apply your own knowledge, talents and experience to whatever you aim for in life.

Anne RavenscroftCPA