Mental health, like physical health, cannot be maintained without regular, sustained effort.

EVERMIND courses foster the key benefits of mindfulness using a range of MBSR practices that provide participants with the personal insights and tools they need to harness the space between stimulus and response while, perhaps most importantly, establishing a routine so that mindfulness becomes a way of life.


Course 1

Developed for those in management positions, this is a series of 4-week courses that build upon each other, promoting the key benefits of mindfulness while bringing into focus specific challenges such as communication, conflict resolution, trust building and nurturing creativity and innovation.
Suitable for both one-on-one and small teams.

There are no public courses currently scheduled but this course can be delivered in your workplace.


Course 2

This is EVERMIND’s signature course. A 10-week immersion in mindfulness training that fosters EVERMIND’s purpose of creating in everyone the abiding belief that they have the resources to meet all of life’s challenges with courage, curiosity and joy.

This is a public course that would also be appropriate for workplace settings, particularly during times of transition.

Next public course begins at Physiocise, Moore Park on October 10th.


Course 3

This is an 8-week program that will change your relationship with food by using mindfulness techniques to train the mind while bringing non-judgmental curiosity to not just what we’re eating, but how and why.

For those who’ve battled long and hard with food, this course will show you that it is possible to trade anxiety, guilt and shame for trust, taste and joy – without gaining a kilo (you may even shed a few if that’s your intention!)

Next public course begins at Physiocise, Moore Park on October 13th.


Course 4

The ‘mother’ of all mindfulness-based approaches and leader of the modern mindfulness movement, the 8-week MBSR curriculum is the one that established the key benefits of mindfulness through reliable evidence-based scientific research.

Pioneered by Jon Kabat-Zinn at the UMass Medical Centre in 1979, the lives of tens-of-thousands of people around the world have been transformed thanks to this secular, scientific approach.

No public courses are currently scheduled. MBSR courses can be delivered in your workplace.


Not only did Lisa exceed my expectations, I have come away from the course empowered to live a more connected life.I have had several sessions of meditation in different formats, and this by far was one of the most beneficial courses I have ever done. My connection to ‘spirit’ is something that I have been practicing for many years. But, the added scientific and philosophical nature of the sessions gave me a complete and well rounded view of ‘Mindfulness’. I will be forever grateful for Lisa’s wealth of knowledge and generosity of spirit.

Fealofani Elisara

I loved how Lisa started the class with a meditation of some sort. It was a great way to ease into the session & to be more present. There was a great mix of information, I found all of it to be very useful especially the scientific content. I thought Lisa delivered the information in a clear, concise manner. I enjoyed the way she drew upon her own life experiences, share them with the class (with Olympic competition swimming) & relate them to an exercise we would then do.

Emelie RawardOwner/ManagerEmpress Hair

I really enjoyed Lisa Forrest’s Introduction to Mindfulness course [original name]. Lisa presented science based research as well as personal anecdotes with practical mindful meditation exercises. I feel I have positively benefited from the course and now include the meditations she taught into my daily life. The meditation exercises have made me more focused, joyous and compassionate and most importantly more confident!

Jenny Daskalis

Since attending Lisa’s mindfulness course, I’ve looked at dealing with all those thoughts I’ve never been able to deal with. I will be continuing my training.

Nathan Morris

Lisa’s course on mindfulness has been invaluable in giving me the practical tools for being conscious of my stress levels throughout my day and given me a sound understanding as to why they need to be processed in that moment by using simple and accessible techniques…Lisa is a passionate and devoted teacher who is the embodiment of her work I felt nurtured and supported throughout the course.

Anna Bernardi

An enlightening introduction to the benefits of mindfulness meditation. Lisa’s enthusiasm and personal anecdotes make it all the more engaging.

Alistair MastersSmall Business Owner